EVS Mobile Mechanic Sunshine Coast can help you with regular minor and major service for Asian, American, European Prestige Cars and light trucks.

  • Accidentally fill your car with wrong fuel,
  • Auto Air conditioning Service
  • Change oil and filter,
  • Oil and fluid leaks
  • Change brake fluid
  • Check drive-line oils and replace,
  • Tune up vehicle
  • Check coolant and replace
  • Check condition of brakes
  • Check tire pressure, wear and condition,
  • Check hoses and pressure test,
  • Check suspension and front end,
  • Check tires wear and condition,
  • Check drive-belts
  • Check exhaust system,
  • Check cooling system and repairs,
  • Check lights and electrics,
  • Computer, immobiliser & airbag repair,
  • Front end and steering components,
  • Check clutch or automatic transmission,
  • Chassis Repairs,
  • Engine Repairs and maintenance,
  • Interior Electronics, windows and lights,
  • Radiator & overheating problems,
  • Starter motor, alternator & battery replacement,
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Complete road test.